animation icons for web apps and themes

animation icons for web apps and themes

I have been working on a group of animations for web-app & theme developers to use on their sales and explanation pages.

What is it?

With some suggestions form a theme developer, I am working on a series depicting:

  • hosting and support
  • performance optimisation and SEO
  • installation and setup
  • security monitoring
  • fix & repair

My first choice of the theme is space travel. the first test (meant for support) looks like this:

More are lined up for animation.
For instance, installation/setup will like a little something like this:

What can it do for you?

Honestly, I am the kind of person that can look at an add and think 'that looks so pretty, I want it'.
Especially in games and such. I didn't play disgaea. I just looked at the screen while others played... such pretty artwork. So do not take my word for it.
But it is said 90% 0f our buying decisions are ruled by the subconscious*. And a large part of this decision is based on a product's ability to draw the attention of the customer*.
The classic way to draw this attention is by design. but honestly, does not movement to so much more here? we all know the snap we get when something unexpected moves right at the limit of our vision, right? You need to look and see what that was..
Yeah; I am combining the two. design and movement.
Basically, you should use these animated icons to:

  • grab attention
  • make your technical explanations more readable
  • add the strengths of visuals and movement to your arguement
  • pretty. colors. that move.

How to get these?

I am still in development. that means you can give your input to me directly @
or add a comment below. In particular on format options and how you would want to put these in use, ideas are very welcome. And you will be on top of my list when it comes time to roll these out.


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